Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lots of Sex For New Years Eve

Wow what a New Years Eve and Day. The bro and I are in Dallas for the week visiting Fam and friends. We got a hotel room for both New Years Eve and Day. We are going to get another one the day of the Cotton Bowl next week.

There was a lot of fucking, sucking, and getting my pussy licked. My bro and I started planning this out a few weeks back. I wanted to gangbang and surrounded by a lot of cocks.all while my was watching and participating.

We toyed with the idea of letting the guys know we were brother and sister but decided that level of kink might scare off some guys. Actually finding the guys was a little bit harder than we thought. Lots of pic collectors out there are people that lost their nerve or were fakers.

New Years Eve we got to the hotel as soon as they would let us in. We were barely the room when were all over each other. BUT I wanted him cum a lot later on so we settled down.  The Hotel was in a good location right off the loop. We also spent a nice bit of money because we wanted a large room with a sofa.

Being New years Eve it was a little bit tougher finding the guys. So we decided to find a couple that was in the same situation we were in. That is a couple  under 21  who wanted to do some serious partying but could not get into the bars.We struck GOLD!! We talked to these cute couple about a week. She actually was kind of "goth like" with nice ample breasts black hair, 5.6 blue eyes, nice ass, and a shaven pussy. Her boyfriend actually was kind of cute prep type. Swimmers build and a very nice 8 inch COCK. Oh and he was bi curious as he put it. THEY ALSO KNEW WE WERE BRO AND SIS which is the first time we told someone that we played with.

John and Kim got to the hotel about 6 pm. They were both smoking . They were pretty cool too and easy to talk too. We poured some very good Bourbon and Cokes and started socializing. Kim is a huge flirt and I could tell my brother was getting aroused. As was John. I am not with women a lot but can really get into it if she was hot. Before I knew her hands were my breast and her tongue in my mouth. Both our hands were down each other pants and I was getting hot fast. Oh and what about the guys you ask!! They were both already undressed sitting on the sofa stroking. John cock was really nice and both were hot stroking their cocks side by side. Before you knew Kima had our clothes off and she was going to town on my tits while she was fingering my pussy. I looked and the bro and JOHN were stroking each other cocks. HOT!! Kim like my bro and I enjoys talking dirty and she told her boyfriend to lick by bro's shaft. He was not hesitant.  My bro was in a lot of pleasure. They got on the bed with us and before you knew it we were all 69ing. each other. Both Kim and I came pretty hard.

As hot as that was we both wanted cocks and they wanted pussy. Kim and John were again real turned on they were fucking a brother and sister at the same time. She in her sexy voice starting talking how she wanted me to suck my brother . And so I did John I thought was going to explode and he kept going on that is so hot  so hot. He started to work on that pussy of mine While both Kim and I suck on my bros cock and balls.

I needed to be fucked. They both wanted to see my bro fuck me.

A little side note here. First sadly it does not appear I will be able have kids in the future. That bit of "plumbing" does not work and MIGHT be able to be fixed in the future via surgery. SO in other words there is not really a pregnancy fear between my bro and I.

Second as a general rule we are very very safe. However both bro and I wanted to au natural this time and Mike and Kim were very cool with that.As to the times where the guy might be "bi curious" we generally vet them to make sure they are pretty much into oral only.

Well I wanted cock in me and brothers cock was at full attention. Kim sat on my bros face and he started going to town. I got on top of my bother and started riding him. Kim was going crazy and already close to cumming again. I told Mike to to lick my brothers balls and my my pussy while I was being fucked. It was so hot watching him alternate and licking John's Shaft as it was entering my pussy. I knew my brother Mike was about to explode and I told him to cum inside of me. He came in torrents. I told Mike I wanted his cock in my cum filled pussy right now. I told him we needed to keep my bro hard and to DP my pussy. Oh boy did he like that. I was really getting close to cumming again. It was totally hot. I was telling him he was keeping my bro hard by there cocks rubbling together in my pussy. In fact he was keeping my bro hard. After aboout 5 minutes we both came together.

I had my bro and our new friend lick their cum out of my pussy while I was doing some eating of Kim's pussy.

It did not take long for them to hot and excited again. My brother starting fucking Kim. He was fucking cute mounting her. John got on top of me and we had a long slow fuck.

We did this  most of  the night and brought in the New Year by some crazed sex.

One of the hottest things of the night was when got Mike and John to play with each other. We were both right besides our guys whispering and encouraging as they kissed each other, licked each other nipples and sucked each other. Totally hot.

Anyway this is perhaps one of the best couple hookups we have ever had. That was day/night one and they were involved in the New Years Days Stuff we had planned. That will be the next post.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Got Back From the Independence Bowl

It was cold but fun. AIR FORCE WON. Geaux America. Oh and the Falcon that flew off during the pre game was found and was on the field when Air Force won so that was nice.

Anywho bro out of the house doing who knows what. I guess catching up with friends . We were out of town from Christmas Eve, till last night. I am watching the Saints game at the parents house. Falcons just scored:( but Saints still ahead 10 to 7.

The BF called !! I told him I  love him to death but why is he calling during the Saints game. Anyway have fixed a glass of wine, watching the game, while under a nice blanket. Life is good.

The bro and I are going to the Cotton Bowl this weekend so much more on that later and "our plans"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Broke A Major Rule Today- We Fucked At Home

OH boy my brother & I broke our cardinal rule today. We fucked in the house!! That has always been rare. First getting you up a little up to date since the "Christmas Party" entry.

I actually got to spend a good bit of time with my brother more than actually in a couple of weeks. Which is weird since we live together at college. But the final weeks were rushed for both of us with finals finals finals. Plus I had to spend time with my BF (more on him later in another post). Rushing around for the College end of the year parties. Well we barely saw each other. At times we would cuddle in bed together and have sex at night but not so much. In the end I have got to see more of him consistently the last few days Christmas shopping and just riding in the car together.

Anyway we have been having a lot of fun together and last night we went to a house party (had too much to drink so we had to stay) boy the parents were mad about that. Oh well.

Anyway we have been real intimate with each other since Sunday with no sex. I think we just reached the breaking point today. Plus we were talking about our Cotton Bowl plans and the fun we shall have with that. LOTS MORE ON THAT SOON.

Anyway our parents had to go to Tyler today and we timed it to make sure we get home when they were gone. In fact I called on the cell phone to make sure they were well over an hour away.

We barely got in the house and we all over each over. His lips and mouth all over my neck with one hand on my tits and another trying to get them down my pants. I had mine on his bod too. Anyway I told you take off his fucking clothes and get on the Couch like the above pictures. Except my shirt was off and I was just wearing my panties. Oh but I sucked him and sucked him. Before you knew it we were in a great 69 and he just licking me out with gusto. I made him cum too fast though. Which was all right because we got to cuddle and talk as I slowly fondled him and licked his nipples to get him hard again.

After a quick phone call to again make sure my parents were far away I proceeded to get on top of him (like above) and ride and ride him. I came for the like the 3rd time and he for the second.

A nice afternoon BUT NOT LIKELY TO BE REPEATED at the house. Up next my first time with my brother (the promised post)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sucking My Bro Off In the Car Tonight

I am going to do a long post coming up on the first time I was with my brother. But I wanted to blog a little on tonight.

We are back home it is amazing how horny we get for each other. Away at school we can always be with each other of course. Here we have to be real careful so generally we have a rule no kissing, no fucking no nothing at the parents house.

It was my parents Christmas party tonight and my brother looked very hot tonight. The electricity between us was concerning because I thought it would get noticed. I told my parents Mike and I had to go over to Bossier City to see one at a party. We were barely in the car and I was all over him. It is cold tonight so we had to play around in the car. We got to a secluded place and starting going out it. My brother went to won on my pussy. He can lick my pussy so well. He loves me talking dirty to him as he eating me out and stroking that cock. I exploded all over his face and drank that cum in. I wanted to fuck him SO bad but tough in my small car. So I had to just suck his cock as he was fingering me. I kept he at the edge of cumming between licking his balls and asshole. My bro cums heavy and tonight was no exception. I had him cum all over my tits. He knows I get off when he east his own cum so my little bro licked his cum off my tits while fingering to to a huge fucking climax.

I so so want to get in bed with him and have him hold me :(

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Porn I like

I have added m first link on the sidebar. IMAGEFAP.One of my favorites. All users submitted porn in all sort of categories. My Bro, bf and I go there often. In fact right before I left LSU for break I did one my favorite things. That is stroke and suck off boy friend as he looking at porn  at imagefap and describing it to me.

What kinda of porn do I like. Well stuff I like to do which is a lot. I love group, swinger, mmf, lesbian, mfm, and gangbang.. I love pics of a girl surrounded by multiple cocks and anything involving cum. I really like REAL AMATEUR pics that shows faces (especially guys). I hate when guys faces are blurred out. I want to see their faces and expressions. Outdoor sex is big. As I mentioned I love watching guys together so gay and bi porn. AND of course bro sis stuff (though we all know 99 percent is not really bro sis.

Porn I don't like because well I don't get into it are: bondage, anything violent, gagging nonsense, and of course child porn (which while porn will be heavy here THAT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED

My latest porn thrill is guys that eat their own cum out of a girls pussy (that makes me hot in real life) or lick off her face or tits

About My Brother

Update- That pic of course is not my brother but he very much looks like him (so cute) and the cock size about right.  will be posting some non face nude pics of us some time later.

As I mentioned in my first post my brother and I have always been very close. A lot of that no doubt was we were just a year apart. Mike is now a looker. 6.4 black hair blue eyes and while not a bodybuilder has a nice bod. He also has a wonder thick 7.5 inch cock which I get to play with a lot now.

I started having sexual feelings toward him when I was 17. He was really starting to develop at 16 though he was very awkward with girls. I knew he felt the tension between us but despite our closeness that was one subject we could not broach. YET.

It nearly came to a climax (literally) the late spring of my Senior year. He thought he had the house alone but did not know I was there. I walked into his room and there he was stroking to porn on the computer. He was only 16 about to be 17 and I had just turned 18. He still had a bit of that teenage cute body type. When I walked in he was stroking that cock big time. I always thought looking at him through his shorts that he had a nice one and indeed he did. He was very very embarrassed!! I teased him about it but in a loving way. Sadly he covered up way too early but I saw enough to make me hot.

I tired to make him feel better and we started talking. I actually was doing a lot of talking and he was stammering. But there came a moment when he looked at me and I at him where we almost went at it together. It passed because I withdrew from the situation. That was for the best. It was the parents house and a situation I could not control. But I knew I wanted him and from that moment on I knew he wanted me. The sexual tension between us actually caused some problems. I had so much on my plate (about to graduate, preparing to go to LSU, and yeah those two air force guys I mentioned in my first post) that I knew I could not handle elevating my relationship with my brother too a new level. Further as I said he was awkward, lacked some confidence  that despite his sweet personality and emerging good looks was causing him girl problems. In other words he wanted to get laid in the worst way and could not. I also found later that like a bunch of guys he was playing around with a guy at school. Nothing serious and not really a gay relationship. But like a bunch of horny boys they would suck each off and rub each other cocks together. He felt a lot of guilt about this (plus he thought he was now perhaps gay (oh those labels). In reality he was doing what a lot of boys that need to cum do when they can't get a girl.He wanted a mouth and tongue on that sweet cock of his and someone was available. About 4 months later my mouth would provide. To break these episodes up I will post on that next.

Well Hello

It appears I shall be blogging about my brother and I (as well as my BF and other assorted characters).

This is a real blog not some faux site. The places I link in the future are places I like to go and hopefully other REAL people that share our interest. I suspect there is a lot out there.

I will be doing a series of post today.The whole fam is out I am bored , back in the hometown, on college break and I have been wanting to to blog on this for sometime. Also my brother gets horny thinking about people reading about us. Plus who knows we might meet some like minded people through this . I expect he will make some entries too :)

My name is Suzie and on the off chance people might put 2 plus 2 together lets call my brother Mike as he shall be referenced on here. We are from Shreveport Louisiana and currently live together in Baton Rouge  while attending LSU. A little about me.

I am 20 years old and I think a pretty good looking babe. Needless to say I am not going to be posting face pics on here so let me describe myself (my brother shall be later). I am 5.5 Blond and have some nice ample breasts. I am on average a pretty average normal girl. I like school and I intend to be a history teacher.

This blog will not all be about sex. I will talk about other subjects from time to time but sex will be a big part of it. I was always quite flirty as a little girl and very sexual. I can recall fingering myself from a early age. I lost my virginity at 16. My mother suspecting she had a wild one on her hands got me on the pill (just in case). I was an average popular student but I was always very discreet. I knew that in the real world my interests would get me labeled. Thank goodness for the internet. I never really had a serious boyfriend at the High School I attended. I did not want to be stuck with someone that did not share my sexual interests and worse might tell all his friends that would tell their own friends. However thank goodness for the internet.

Across the river is Bossier City and I met up with a lot of guys there. It also had an Air Force base where a nice many horny airman are and who thought they were meeting up with a 18 year old. I was 17 at the time. I can recall being turned  by both girls and especially guys from an early age. At 14 I was always on the net looking at porn and especially boys and their cocks.  I loved watching guys have sex , stroking their cock and got really into BI boys. (this is big later on).

Through the net I got to know a couple of Air force guys. They lived right off base.They were 19 and 20 and pretty hot in a military sort of way. They were looking for a third and poof a relationship was born. Needless to say the summer before I went to LSU was sex filled. They also were "bi". I don;t really like the labels of straight, gay and bi. Both the guys really liked women but after I prompted them they really started to feel good about kissing each other, sucking and rubbings each others dicks together. I think a lot of guys are into that. While most guys that like MMF will deny on the net they are bi one reason they like MMF is seeing another guy cum and being near a naked guy.

It was a good situation. Being in the Air Force they were not going to be tattling about what we were doing for obvious reasons. It also gave me a safe place for me to explore my sexuality. On the net we would find another girl to come over and I enjoyed that. I also found out I was a pretty big exhibitionist. Having them hook up a stranger to come over and them blowing them all was thrilling.

It was on the whole a pretty exciting Senior year. I did all the usual things yearbook, pep squad, senior trip, football games , had friends but in my spare time was fucking like crazy in the town right next door.

I had one frustration. I loved my brother who a year younger than me. I always loved my brother and we were indeed close. VERY CLOSE. I started having intense sexual feelings toward him when I was 17 and he was 16. I felt he had them too. It was not till though I got to LSU though and had my own "safe place" till I could make those feelings a reality. Today my brother is the best lover I can imagine I will ever have. More on him in the next post